DXM Is The Technology Platform That Connects The Consumer To Commerce

Watch our explainer video and see how our platform can transform your ability to interact with customers

...AND The Technology Platform That Connects All of The Links Of Your Supply Chain

DXM is a technology (SaaS) and manufacturing (MaaS) platform that connects order entry through delivery to shorten lead times and reduce waste.

Process Flexibility - Use some or all of the platform

Sustainability -Right first time, streamlined information error-proofs the process.

Inventory Optimization - Actionable data, quickly test and react.


Configurable User Interface

A 2D/3D model of the product gives the consumer a user interface to make choices like what fabric to use, color options, pocket placement, and embroidery options.

Virtual Tailoring

Our body data capture tools are built into the platform so consumers can leverage Artificial Intelligence to capture accurate measurements and get the right fit.

Digital Pattern Creation

Our proprietary pattern engine will generate all of the digital assets required for the manufacturing process.

Scalable, Sustainable Manufacturing

Our best-in-class manufacturing partners produce locally and sustainably, with "unit of one" or small batch for test market, with the capability to scale and meet demand.

Process Flexibility

With our plug and play adaptability, our technology can be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Packaging and Delivery

We ship direct to the consumer using the most sustainable shipping method based on its manufacturing location.

Co-Founding and Investment Partners